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J1 Concrete Pumping provide a quality service throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands.

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About Us

About Us

We are a family run business based in Birmingham and provide pumping services at competitive price. We cater for large scale construction work and household DIY projects too. No job is too big or small so call us today to discuss your specific requirements.

Use our concrete pump for

Use our concrete pumps for
  • Construction projects
  • New builds
  • House extensions

Our Pumps

Our Pumps

Our experienced and professional team is capable of pumping around 100m in length. We carry 70m on the truck and the additional 30m can be arranged upon request. We can deliver concrete to tight and awkward sites by using our concrete pump and flexible rubber pipes.

Contact us

Contact us

For your ready mix concrete or screed pumping needs please call our friendly team. We are reliable, trustworthy and can respond to your needs in a timely manner. Using our pumps we can provide guidance on how to get concrete to your work site in a clean, safe and efficient manner.

Welcome to the J1 Concrete Pump Ltd website, browse our site and find out how we can help you and your project in the following West Midland areas: Birmingham, Walsall, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Nuneaton, Sutton Coldfield, Warwick, Derby, Leicester. We pride ourselves on the exceptional level of customer service that we can provide – regardless of how big or small the project is. A concrete pump is a machine used for transferring liquid concrete by pumping. The concrete pump is attached to a truck and is capable of pumping at very high volumes of concrete via pipes to inaccessible areas. With concrete pumping there is no need to transport concrete in buckets or wheelbarrow. Using our high tech concrete pumps, we can deliver concrete into almost any hard to reach area. We offer a full range of services using our range of mobile concrete pumps. We have been pumping concrete successfully for many years now. Based at the center of the midlands area we are a family owned business and run company with many years of experience in the ready mixed concrete industry. We provide a concrete pumping service for the small or medium size concrete pours, typically between 3m3 and 100m3. Concrete Pumping gets your ready mixed concrete from the delivery truck to wherever you need it on site via a 100mm Pipeline. Concrete placement is committed to providing a quality, reliable service with the right attitude to get your job done with the minimum of hassle. We can offer helpful advice and have highly competitive rates to suit the domestic & DIY market as well as commercial. All of our equipment is maintained to a high standard to ensure reliable service. We are experts in getting concrete to hard to access areas whether by use of the hydraulic boom to go over obstacles or by the use of ground level pipeline which can extend up to 80m from the pump truck. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible service from the moment you call us to the completion of your job. Pledge to our Customers We Will on All Occasions Turn up as arranged. Work hard and intelligently on site to get your job done with the least hassle. Keep all eqiupment well maintained to minimise breakdowns. Leave the site clean, so you don't have to spend time cleaning up after us. Why Pump Concrete? It's the modern alternative to the wheelbarrow, but much better. Concrete can be placed faster than by any other method. A 6m3 load of concrete in to a simple footing can typically be pumped in less than 15 minutes. Concrete can be placed over, under, around or behind obstacles. Saves you money on labour, mixer waiting time and other plant hire. When laying slabs concrete can be spread out by hose dramatically reducing the effort required in levelling. Spills are minimised. Health and Safety As a company we consider the health & safety of our employees and everybody we work with or come into contact with of prime importance. All our operators are trained in the safe operation of concrete pumping equipment. All are tested and registered with an accrediting body recognised by the health & safety commission. As a guide to the safe use of concrete pumps on site we use the CPA published code of practice. Are you looking for a fast clean way to lay concrete or is your site difficult to reach? Concrete pumping is the best solution for projects where the site is awkward to access. Perhaps your site is on a steep slope, down a very narrow street or behind a terraced row? Are you worried about the risk to the surrounding area of spills or impact damage? Pumping is faster and cleaner than moving concrete by wheelbarrow or dumper, you don’t have to worry about ramps or mess and we can pour your concrete in a fraction of the time it would take by other methods. J1 Concrete Pumping Ltd are concrete pumping specialists with over 10 years experience in pumping concrete in the UK. We can pump concrete in excess of 300 ft and can take the pipeline straight through or around a building or even over with our boom pumps. If you want to take the dirt and the slog out of pouring concrete, or if you are laying concrete in a tight, restricted or multi-storey site, give us a call for help and advice. We can give you a competitive quote and will consider any job, domestic or commercial. Just make sure you know how far the distance from our pump to the furthest part of your pour will be and approximately how much concrete needs to be pumped. We will work with your concrete supplier, just make sure they know to supply you with pump-able mix. J1 Concrete Pumping Ltd are the pipeline specialists you can rely on for all your concrete pumping needs. Services Our service specialises in pumping concrete into spaces where access is tight or otherwise tricky and it is logistically difficult to bring concrete in by wheelbarrow. We can do this because our mobile concrete line pumps are the smallest in the country allowing us to reach many sites that might be inaccessible to other companies. We can set up a pump anywhere that pipes can be placed and mini mix/volumetric concrete lorries can access. We can pump many types of concrete including lightweight or foamed concrete, fluid concrete, fibre concrete or self compacting concrete. We can also pump liquid floor screeds which can be supplied and laid as a complete package by our sister company J1 Concrete Pump Ltd. J1 Using our pipelines we can pump up to 200m horizontally and 100m vertically. This flexibility allows us to pump concrete cleanly and conveniently almost anywhere it is needed. We can pour directly into your foundations, your slab, driveway, new swimming pool, garage floor or fishpond. Our service can drastically reduce the labour costs and concrete companies waiting time charges which could ultimately save you time and money. The risk of spills is minimised in what can sometimes be a messy process. So if access at your job is causing a logistical headache, or if you need concrete in but mess kept out, our concrete pumping service could be the right solution for your project. Also, with our competitive prices and pumping service able to move more concrete per hour than any other method, it’s cost effective too. Call J1 Concrete Pumping Ltd for a competitive quote today. Before We Arrive For us to work at our best we ask customers to take a few simple measures to make sure they are ready for us. Please inform us of site conditions. Please ensure all precautions and preventative measures are taken prior to our arrival to protect surrounding areas for any potential occurrences. For example ground protection, if on expensive finishing’s also finished walls and windows should be covered in case of splashes. We endeavour to uphold and comply with health and safety regulations. Please ensure all possible measures are taken to provide a safe working environment for our operators, your contractors and the general public. If you have any queries please contact us for advice. Line Pump Please note you are required to provide a bag or two of cement (depending on how long the pipeline is), a couple of metres square of polythene (to ensure there are no spillages on clean ground at the back of the pump) and a wheelbarrow (to wash out in). Please note J1 Concrete Pumping are not liable for any costs incurred for concrete arriving on site before the concrete pump arrives.

Concrete Pumping in Birmingham

If you need concrete in please give us a call. J1 Concrete Pumping are based in Smethwick and can provide a first class service across Birmingham and the West Midlands. We have gained a wealth of experience in the concrete pumping industry.

Concrete Pumping in Smethwick

Whenever you need quality concrete in Smethwick we are here to help. We can provide competitive quotes for delivery in quarter metre increments from half a cubic metre up to full six cubic metre loads, with special discounted rates for multiple loads. Alternatively, we welcome collections of concrete or screed from our plant. We also hire out concrete pumps for placing your concrete in those hard to reach places. We are able to pump concrete up to 70m away over, round or through obstacles with a minimum of fuss and mess, saving you time and money in labour costs. We are always happy to provide help and advice on quantities and mix designs, so please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Concrete Pumping in West Bromwich

We operate from a modern computerised batching plant in West Bromwich, ideally located for delivering all around the city. We only use 'virgin' materials in our mixes, not recycled bricks and tiles like many of our competitors. We use British Portland Cement and do not use any cement reducing chemicals. We believe that this results in the best quality concrete possible so why not call us today to find out what we can do for you?

Concrete Pumping in Wolverhampton

So for ready mix concrete in Wolverhampton remember to come to the professionals at Concrete Developments today! You can contact us by calling the telephone number above, or you can send us a message using the contact us page on this website. We look forward to hearing from you soon if you require quality concrete in Wolverhampton. Have you ever taken on your own building project, like a conservatory or house extension, or are you a small builder competing against larger companies? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then you know how important it is to have reliable suppliers for your building materials. You don’t want to be left standing with an empty wheelbarrow when your order for ready mixed concrete fails to, materialise, for example. The problem with selecting your suppliers through the trade magazines and Yellow Pages is that you often end up phoning a central location 100 miles from where you live. The staff there have no local knowledge and are more likely to make mistakes when planning routes and delivery times leaving you fuming at the other end of a telephone. There is also the chance that in a huge industry that sells 30,000,000 cubic metres of concrete a year, your order for two or three cubic metres may receive less priority than a much bigger order from a huge national company. We treat all our customers as equals and as we only deliver locally within the surrounding counties, you be be rest assured of receiving your product on-time, every time!